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Using WorldofCard is easy, however, questions do arise at times.

What is a WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

A WOC (World of Card) Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is a prepaid reloadable MasterCard that can be used for online shopping & purchases at websites. It can also be used for purchases by phone or fax where the physical presence of the card is not required.

Does it have a credit limit?

No, it’s not a credit card and carries no credit limit. You cannot spend more money than is held on the card account.

How do I apply for a WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

It is very simple to apply for, simply click on the ORDER NOW button on our home page, and follow the instructions.

How do I receive my WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

You will receive your virtual prepaid card in your email registered with us after your payment is confirmed.

What information will I receive about my WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard by email?

You will receive the following information by email to allow you to use a prepaid WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard:

  • A 16 digit Virtual Prepaid MasterCard number.
  • The 3 digits of a CVV2 number - a three digit security number also called Card Verification Value, and which is normally found on the back of the Card.
  • The 4 digit Expiry date of the card.

Your name on the card (this name is provided by the registered client to personalize the virtual card). The Billing address of card (this address is also provided by the client to personalize the virtual card)

How long does it take to process my WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard order?

Usually the WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard (your Virtual Prepaid MasterCard) is sent by email a few minutes after the payment is received and verified, however, security procedures require a longer processing time for higher amounts and could in some cases take up to 1 working day. In all cases our utmost effort is made to complete the order as rapidly as possible; we are not, however, able to accept liability for delays in processing time or losses incurred by technical faults or failures as may occur in the international banking system.

What is the validity/expiry of the WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

The WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is valid for 12 months.

Is the WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard reloadable?

The WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is reloadable, therefore you can top it up and you can use this card an unlimited amount of times provided you have the necessary balance remaining. Once the balance is used, you can add more money to it (up to the authorized limit) and you can also order a new card any time.

What is the cost of using a Prepaid card?

Please check the following prepaid MasterCard fee table:


9.95 USD

Point of Sale Domestic (and within SEPA Inc. MOTO/CNP)

$0.22 per transaction

Point of Sale International (Inc. MOTO/CNP) with Dynamic Currency Conversation

0.60% + $0.65 per transaction

POS International without Dynamic Currency Conversation

$0.45 per transaction

Decline Fee

$0.51  per transaction

FX Mark-up on spend outside card currency


Monthly Service Fee

$0.33 per month

Card Load


Card Reload

1.50% (Minimum 5 USD)

Card Limits

Minimum Load Amount

5.00 USD

Maximum Cumulative Yearly Load(EDD)

2,500.00 USD

Maxmium Card Balance(Virtual)

2,500.00 USD

Max loads per day

2,500.00 USD

Max number of loads per day


What is the dominant currency of the WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

The USD is the reference currency for our virtual cards. However, this does not mean that the card will not work at sites where the merchants charge in Euro, Pound Sterling or other world currencies. It can be used to pay in any currency, however the virtual card issuer Prepaid Financial Services Limited (PFS) will automatically make the exchange at the prevailing market rate and pay the equivalent amount to the merchant and deduct the amount from your card.

I want to use this card to register/verify and pay at eBay or PayPal, will it be accepted there? Also can I pay eBay seller fees every month with your card?

Yes it will work. And if there are any specific codes, you can also get them in your card statement such as 4 digit expanded use numbers, or certain amounts charged to your card for verification purposes. You can also pay eBay seller fees with this card.

What will be the billing address of my WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard?

The default billing address of the virtual cards will be our company address but it can also be any address provided by the client/user during the registration.

Who can get a WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard and do you require any ID?

European residents who are 18 years or older can get our virtual prepaid master card and no ID is required for a prepaid virtual card.

What will happen if there are funds after expiry date?

If a Card expires before your Available Balance is exhausted, you can contact Customer Services to request a replacement Card, provided you do so 14 days before the Expiry Date and subject to payment of a fee (where specified). Following the expiry of the card, your funds are available for redemption by contacting us at any time before the end of the 6 years Limitation Period. After the 6 years Limitation Period your funds will no longer be redeemable to you. Provided that your request for redemption is made less than 12 months following the Expiry Date redemption will not incur any Late Redemption Fee. In the event that you make a request for redemption more than 12 months after the Expiry Date and before termination of the contract an Account Closure Fee may be charged (where specified).

Can I get a virtual card in my company or business name?

Yes, you can get a virtual card in your company or business name.

Can I book hotels online and purchase air tickets from websites?

Yes, you can book hotels online and purchase air tickets, as long as there is no requirement to present the physical card.

Can I give a Virtual card to family, friends or colleagues etc.…?

Yes, it can be given to anyone, or sent as a gift.

Although my virtual card usually works perfectly at online shops and websites, it has on occasion been refused despite having the necessary funds, why?

No prepaid card in the world can claim to work at 100% of websites. The reason is simple, sometimes even though a card is active and has enough funds, it is denied because certain merchants have their own rules, or policies concerning the acceptance of credit card orders. In such cases, we are unable to oblige the merchant to accept the payment. Every card holder should be aware of these occasional limitations, and should be able to find the same product or service at another website.

What is the refund or order cancellation policy?

Because of the sensitive nature of a virtual prepaid card product, we just accept refunding and order cancelling requests if it follows below terms: You have a right to withdraw from this Agreement under the following conditions: where you purchased the Payment Services by mail order, internet, fax, digitally or by email then you have a “Cooling Off” period of 14 days beginning on the date of the successful registration of your Account to withdraw from this Agreement and cancel the Payment Services, without any penalty but subject to deduction of any reasonable costs incurred by us in the performance of any part of the provision of services before you cancel. You must contact us within this 14 day period and inform us that you wish to withdraw from this Agreement and you must not use the Payment Services. We will then cancel the Payment Services and reimburse the amount of Available Balance on the Account to the Customer. However, we reserve the right to hold Available Balance for up to 30 business days from receipt of your instructions before returning the balance, to ensure that details of all transactions have been received. After the Cooling Off period you may only cancel the Payment Services as described in clause 9 of your Terms and Conditions

Can my Virtual Prepaid MasterCard be used at ATM machines for cash withdrawal?

No, it is not possible since a physical card is required for such machines. Our virtual card can only be used at online merchants, shops and websites, or with those merchants who accept orders via fax or telephone.

Are there any Terms of Service or Card holder agreement?

Yes, and it is very important for every client to agree and accept the terms of service agreement at the time of card ordering. Any client who has sent a payment to order a WOC Virtual Prepaid MasterCard is considered to have accepted the card holder agreement. If a client does not agree to all or any clause(s) of the card holder agreement, he should not continue with the transaction.

What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

If your card has been lost or stolen you must inform WorldofCard immediately at [email protected] or call +36 1 950 2592.

What happens if I no longer want to use my prepaid card?

If you wish to cancel your prepaid card or no longer wish to use it then contact World of Card.

What if the amount of my purchase is more than my available balance?

In this case, your purchase will be declined. You will have to wait until your card is reloaded.

What if I have a problem with my card?

If you have a query about the card itself or you have an unknown transaction on your card account or a transaction has been declined but you still have funds on your card account then please contact the World Of Card customer service team at [email protected] or call +36 1 950 2592.

I still have a question, not covered anywhere on your website.

Please feel free to send an email with your question to our customer service at [email protected]

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